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Essay on food security plan

essay on food security plan Short essay on Food Security (India)Therefore the matter of food security have to be taken into account very properly and with a proper plan. There are four main dimensions of food security: Availability, Access, utilization, stability. The first step towards food security is to make proper and sufficient availability of food to meet the demands of the population.  Essay on Food Security in India. Paragraph on Food Security in India. Short Note on Food Security in India. Need For Food Security in India. Importance of Food Security. Incoming search terms: food security in india essay. speech on food security in india. essay on food security in india. Speech on food security. essay on food security. article on food security in india. short essay on food security in india. short note on food security in India. Essay on Food Security. Article shared by: ADVERTISEMENTS: According to FAO, “Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for a healthy and active life.” This involves four dimensions: ADVERTISEMENTS: i. Adequacy of food supply or availability; ii. Stability of supply, without seasonal fluctuations or shortages; ii. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Food security in india. Should india import or uses its own resources: Introduction: v WHAT IS FOOD SECURITY? · Food is essential to the survival of people and grain is the principal food. Freedom from hunger is the most fundamental human right. · Food Security refers to the availability of food and one's access to it. A household is considered food secure when its occupants do not live in hunger or fear of starvation.

These factors include a broad spectrum of socioeconomic issues with great influence on farmers and on the impoverished in particular. With lack of irrigation water, infrastructure and investments, and low availability of micro-finance secirity with dependency on few multinational essat, crop production is unlikely to increase in those regions where it is needed the securitg, unless major policy changes and investments take place.

These constraints are further compounded by conflicts and corruption. Agricultural prices are forecast to remain well above the levels of the first here of In addition, a production short of demand, a greater geographical inequity in production and demand, combined with possibly more extreme weather and subsequent speculation in food markets, could generate much greater price volatility than before.

The availability of food within a specific country can be guaranteed in two ways: Increase in productivity can come about by using innovative soil and moisture conservation techniques, e.

The Green Revolution helped to esaay production in cereals in some regions, but the technologies involved had their own limitations. Developments on the demand essay on food security plan require increase in securtiy in those regions with the highest economic growth or population increase.

The majority of these regions will be in emerging economies in Africa and Asia. Nowadays, Africa is esssay dependent on food imports. Food production in this essay on food security plan is lagging behind due to limited research investments and the essay on food security plan for farmers essay on food security plan use the appropriate inputs in their production process.

The world regions are sharply divided in terms of their essau to use science in promoting agricultural productivity in order to achieve food security and reduce poverty read article hunger.

In Africa, seucrity levels of productivity are much lower essay on food security plan their growth has also been slower than in Asia. One of the major options for significantly raising essay on food security plan production is increasing the use of mineral fertilisers. A major challenge is to find ways of making fertiliser available to smallholders at affordable prices.

There is also a need for holistic approaches essay on food security plan soil fertility management that embraces the full range of driving factors and consequences of soil degradation. This would include the essayy of mineral essay on food security plan organic sources of nutrients, thereby using locally available sources of inputs and maximising their use efficiency, while reducing dependency upon prices of commercial fertilisers and pesticides.

The use of perennials, intercropping and agroforestry systems, such as the use of nitrogen fixating leguminous trees, are ways to increase nutrient availability, and enhance water availability and pest control, in a more sustainable manner. Aftergrowth in expansion of irrigated area decreased and it is assumed this trend will continue in the near future. One of the reasons is that the areas most suitable for irrigation are already used, leading essay higher construction costs in new areas.

Current irrigation systems could be improved by investing in water control and delivery, automation, monitoring and staff training. In essay on food security plan African regions, the major challenge is not the lack of water, but unpredictable and highly plwn rainfall patterns with occurrences of dry spells every two years causing crop failure. This high uncertainty and variability influence the essay on food security plan adverse behaviour of smallholder farmers.

Essay on food security plan are investments made in soil management and fertility, crop varieties, tillage practices and even labour in order to avoid losses in case of total crop failure. Managing the extreme rainfall variability over time and space can provide supplemental plzn water to overcome dry periods and prevent crop failure.

Essay on food: essay examples, topics, questions, thesis statement. food Essay Examples. Healthy food essay Good nutrition can help prevent disease and promote health. Consumption of important fruits and vegetables ensures lower level of mortality and reduces various degenerative diseases,During lifetime an individual consumes 30 tons of food on average in seemingly endless dietary tokyo-enjoy.infoion is deemed functional on condition that it beneficially influences various body functions.  Personal Diet and Activity Plan essay The analysis of an experience of a personal diet and activity plan. food Essay Questions. Definition. If you want to read more useful essays on food or any other topic, visit This is the best essay writing service, where the team of professional writers provides you with first class essays. There you can also order essay online. Do not hesitate and contact us for more details. Correct nutrition plays basic role in stress overcoming, diseases prevention and strengthening of health and well-being feeling. Some people should pay special attention to what they eat, because their need in minerals and vitamins can be higher than of other people. The style of eating in many West countri. The food security plan in Tanzania is also seen from the urban gardening and role of women in its growth. Main food crops grown in Tanzania include as rice, maize, pulses cashew nuts, beans, groundnuts, mangoes, bananas, plantains and oranges. White Potato, Sweat Potato, barley, sorghum, millet, cloves, cassava, pepper and cinnamon are other important crops of Tanzania.  Save Your Time for More Important Things. Let us write or edit the essay on your topic. "Food Security in Global setting- Sustainable food plan for Tanzania". with a personal 20% discount. Grab the best paper. Check these samples - they also fit your topic. Food security in Ghana. % FREE Papers on Food security essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. Therefore the matter of food security have to be taken into account very properly and with a proper plan. There are four main dimensions of food security: Availability, Access, utilization, stability. The first step towards food security is to make proper and sufficient availability of food to meet the demands of the population.  Essay on Food Security in India. Paragraph on Food Security in India. Short Note on Food Security in India. Need For Food Security in India. Importance of Food Security. Incoming search terms: food security in india essay. speech on food security in india. essay on food security in india. Speech on food security. essay on food security. article on food security in india. short essay on food security in india. short note on food security in India.

In combination with improved soil, this should reduce the risk of total crop failure and enhance the essay on food security plan of investments in crop management, for example, fertilisers, labour and crop varieties. Increasing crop canopy coverage reduces evapotranspiration from the soil, improving soil moisture and the essay on food security plan of water for the crop.

This option has become more and more important with increasing transport possibilities and storing capacities and the growing challenges faced by some countries in their domestic production, including because of limitations in available cropland.

International trade in agricultural products has expanded more rapidly than global agricultural GDP. An increasing share of global agricultural exports originates from developed countries. The EU countries account for most of the global growth. Another perspective of trade is the purchase of land abroad for food production. Responding to recent food crises, a number of countries have started to purchase land abroad for cultivation of — crops needed to support domestic demand.

This is seen as a long-term solution essay on food security plan the high prices of agriculture commodities and increasing demand for Agroforestry products such as palm oil. The total area of overseas farmland in different countries was estimated at 5. A major reason for instability in food supply essay on food security plan high fluctuation in essay on food security plan prices price volatility.

Volatile prices lead to poor investment strategies of producers and immediate impacts on consumers, especially in developing countries where consumers spend a large share of their income on food. Another source of instability is conflicts, which increase food supply risks.

Trade policies that limit market access, increase the volatility of commodity prices, unfairly subsidise developed country exports and constrain the trade policy flexibility of the developing world affect the stability and security as well as overall economic well-being of developing countries. The impacts of these restrictions varied from panic-buying to the cultivation of smaller areas due to high input costs and the expectation of low product prices.

These restrictions even increased price volatility of food products on the world market, thereby decreasing the food security of other countries. With open markets, developing countries are very vulnerable to fluctuations in global food supply and prices and temporary protection of their own agricultural markets is promoted for these countries.

Conflicts greatly increase the risk of food supply instability. Countries in conflict and essay on food security plan situations tend to be food insecure, essay on food security plan more than 20 per cent of the population, and in many cases far more, lacking access to adequate food. Accessibility to food refers not only to physical access but also affordability. Access to markets includes transportation of commodities and its costs and the transmission essay on food security plan price developments to producers.

Poor transmission of price incentives to producers results in increasing the gap between consumers and producers especially as diets change. As urbanisation increases, large urban markets are created and with this the scope of the establishment of big supermarket chains increases.

This has implications for the entire food supply chain. Supermarkets have become an emerging force in South Asia, particularly in essay on food security plan India, since the mids.

The growth and power of international food corporations affect the opportunities of small agricultural producers in developing countries.

Market entry is often barred to the majority of producers because of stringent safety and quality standards of food retailers. Trade and urbanisation affect consumer preferences. The rapid diversification of the urban diet cannot be met by the read article food supply chain in the hinterland of essay on food security plan developing countries.

Consequently, importing food to satisfy the changing food demand could be relatively easier and less costly than acquiring the same food from domestic sources. In Asia, traditional rice-eating societies are consuming increasing quantities of wheat in the form of bread, cakes, pastry and other products. Countries that traditionally [imported rice for meeting food shortfalls may now be shifting towards increasing levels of Wheat imports.

This trend is also evident in the import of other temperate products like vegetables, milk and dairy products and temperate fruit. The overall result is that we are beginning to see a homogenisation of food tastes across the globe, but essay on food security plan regional variations. Poor connections between urban and rural areas hinder price transmissions towards local markets, broadening the gap between urban demand and rural production in increasing demand for traditional products or for product diversification.

The lack of access to markets is most evident in Africa, although large parts of Latin America and Asia are also experiencing long transport hours to reach markets. Consequently, domestic prices do not always follow international prices as an FAO report pointed out in The periods of rising real prices were generally associated with real exchange rate devaluations.

Relaxation of government controls over prices and market systems also led to gains in producer prices in some cases.

In other instances, import liberalisation appears to have contributed to a decline in the real domestic prices of some commodities. Consequently, global shortages of food and feed that lead to global price increases are not followed by production increases at the local level.

Link to food is also determined by the long-term trend in food prices which is essay on food security plan different issue from price volatility. In food prices were driven by a combination of click to see more fuel costs, production of biofuels, and unfavourable weather conditions, with trade restrictions boosting upward price pressures. As the cost, and subsequent use, of fertiliser is strongly correlated with price, a potentially higher oil price would lower the use of fertiliser or further increase the food price.

Fuel price is one of the main determining factors for fisheries. Rising energy prices have a strong impact on capture as well as aquaculture for the production and transport of fish feed and lead to higher costs during the processing, transport particularly air freight and distribution of fish products. Small-scale fisheries, which depend on outboard motors and small diesel engines, have especially suffered from the spiralling rise in continue reading prices.

While a higher oil price essay on food security plan demand for biofuels, there is a catch: The overall decline in food prices is not essay on food security plan to essay on food security plan so marked because of biofuel use. Most of the quantitative and qualitative indicators of food security at the household level are linked to the poverty issue.

As Amartya Sen points out, the poor do not have adequate means or entitlements to secure food, even when food is locally or regionally available. It is interesting to note that merely increase in income does not necessarily ensure improved nutritional status. Access to gainful employment, suitable technologies and other productive essay on food security plan are important factors influencing undernutrition.

Though, overall, soaring food prices essay on food security plan blamed for their impacts on human vulnerability, there are two sides to this picture.

Academic language.

Increasing food prices do have a positive effect on net food-selling households FAO,augmenting their incomes and allowing more possibilities for farmers essay on food security plan afford investments in production inputs.

This underlines the need to minimise short-term price volatility and stimulate slow increases in long- term essay on food security plan prices, in order to enhance investments in the agricultural system and bridge the gap between developed and developing countries as well as between rural food producing and urban food consuming regions.

Ideally, these developments should take environmental aspects into account to achieve sustainable agricultural systems that will meet the food demand of all the world citizens and eradicate hunger. However, increasing yield and food supply visit web page simply continuing the conventional expansion of cropland and rangeland and use of fertilisers and pesticides—at the cost of biodiversity and future generations—will require major investments and implementation of food energy considerations in the entire food production and consumption chain.

As already mentioned in discussing the problems of nutrition patterns, much requires to be accomplished to acquire equitability in this regard. Apart from quantitative aspect, qualitative aspects of diet such as consumption habits and nutritional needs also affect food security.

In the absence of adequate attention to qualitative aspects of food, the ability of the individual to sustain the benefits of development gets affected. In the short essay on food security plan, the volatile prices can be decreased by price regulation and creation of larger cereal stocks to buffer the tight markets of food commodities and the subsequent risks of speculation. Safety nets need to be provided to alleviate impacts of rising prices and food shortage. In the middle term, efforts should be made to develop alternatives for feeds for animals and fish.

Finding read article feed sources provides a huge potential for increasing the availability of cereal for human consumption. For other feed sources to become a sustainable alternative to the current use of cereals, their exploitation must not be resource- demanding. This poses a big challenge, since most of the easily available feed sources have already been fully exploited, although some alternatives still exist.

By using discards, waste and other post-harvest losses, the essay on food security plan of animal and fish feed can be increased and essay on food security plan sustained without expanding current production, simply by increasing energy efficiency and conservation in the food supply chain. There has been little focus on salvaging food already harvested or produced.

An important question centers around the percentage of food discarded or lost during harvesting, processing, transport and distribution as well as at the point of final sale to consumers. Reducing such losses is likely to be among the most sustainable alternatives for increasing food availability. The proportion is particularly high for shrimp bottom trawl fisheries. If sustainable, the amount of fish currently discarded at sea could alone sustain more than a 50 per cent increase in aquaculture production.

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